The Vision

Back when personal computer technology started during the late 1970's and 80's, many people would ask "what would I need a computer for?" Usually, the answer would be, to store information such as addresses and other personal items, financial record keeping, and typing.

While there were a lot of other alterntives (back then) to using a rather expensive and bulky device in our homes through organizers (Day Runners), hand held electronic devices (such as PDAs), and typewriters, those options have disappeared due to better computer technology and regulations that no longer trust paperwork (when was the last time you saw a paper time card).

Forty years later, the phones that many of us are codependent on are used to keep us connected to the world, pay the bills with, and communicate through something known as "social media" that is debatable as to whether it is really socialable or not when combined with communication through a camera, it can seem more like stalking than communicating.

While many have squandered a great deal of money on these devices (in the same way computers were forty years ago) many users have lost the purpose of what these devices were originally meant to do, Storing your personal information that you will need for a job, a car, and housing. Information required for a credit check.

Willamette Media Services offers affordable solutions to store this information when you need it. For the amount time many waste on social media, playing games, and watching tv, a few minutes out of our lives can be spent to add the address we have lived at or the jobs we have worked so that when we need credit or a new job, it is at our fingertips.

This website is about being organized and proactive for simple pieces of information that we need in our daily lives.